...loved again...


I love giving new life to one loved textiles!

...loved again... is a line of clothing and lovies that is made entirely of re-purposed textiles.  As a costume designer I spend lots of time poking around thrift store, garage sales, and costume stocks.  There is so much clothing that is outdated or undesired (think about those family reunion and church camp t-shirts or particularly dated ladies' print skirts and dresses).  If the clothing is not purchased in an alotted amount of time, often the thrift establishment disposes of them. Because they have often been washed numerous times--thus softening up the fiber in the process--these items are wonderful for making lovies and other unique items. For example--those camp T-shirts make great "Super Kid" capes and those obnoxious printed skirts make lovely tunic dresses for much shorter ladies.  All items in the ...loved again... line are entirely and uniquely made from up-cycled clothing items in an effort to keep them from being thrown away.  Each piece has been assembled in the hope of finding love again.  I am honored to be showcased with other Central IL artists at The Pod of Normal, IL, where my items are available for sale.
Frequently I am commissioned to make custom projects.  Favorite textile items can be turned in to special gifts. For example, saved baby clothes make wonderful dolls or critters as a keepsake.  I would love to make a special lovey or garment for you.  Please, use my contact page if you are interested in talking about a special project.